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The client we represent aims to revolutionize the marketplace software industry, and seeking a passionate and skilled IOS Developer to join our team.

As a cutting-edge tech company, we offer a remote work environment and a culture that values creativity, innovation, and personal growth.

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About the role

This job spec is for a passionate Mobile Application Developer to join a global platform development team.

If you excel in software development, performance optimization, scalability, and user experience, we invite you to be part of our dynamic and accomplished team. 

Suitable candidates should have strong iOS development skills, a minimum of 5 years of experience in mobile app environments, and a background in Computer Science. South African citizenship is a requirement for this position.

Additionally, experience with Android, Microsoft Web Stack, high-performance technologies, and relational databases is advantageous. The ideal candidate will possess excellent attention to detail, a receptive attitude towards feedback, a commitment to innovative problem-solving, and a proactive learning approach, in line with our collaborative work culture.

Brighten your career with competitive compensation, flexible work arrangements, generous leave policies, and an array of employee benefits and recognition programs.


Key Qualifications

Minimum Experience: Minimum of 5 years of experience within a mobile application environment.

OS Expertise: Proficiency in Mobile Application Development for iOS and experience in Swift.

Education: University or related Computer Science degree/diploma.

Citizenship: South African citizenship.



Microsoft Web Stack: Familiarity with MVC, C#, IIS, ASP.Net, etc.

Android Skills: Experience with Android development.

Technical Abilities: Exposure to high-performance/scale technologies such as caching, load balancing, profiling, indexing, etc.

Database Knowledge: Understanding of Relational Databases, specifically Microsoft SQL


Desired Traits

Attention to Detail: Strong attention to detail in work.

Openness to Critique: Willingness to give and receive constructive criticism.

Solution-Driven: Genuine interest in developing the best solutions.

Continuous Learning: Proactively learning and sharing knowledge with team members.


Benefits and Work Environment

Remote Work: Work from home option available for Product, Data & Tech staff.

Compensation: Competitive salaries and performance bonuses.

Leave Policy: 21 days leave, with an increase of 1 day for every 2 years worked (up to 25 days).

Employee Benefits: Free daily breakfast, group life insurance, and video or book subscription service subsidy.

Family Leave: Paid maternity leave of 4 months and paternity leave of 10 days.

Equipment: Fast PCs with multiple large screens provided.

Recognition: Ad-hoc peer reward system in place.

Recreation: Access to squash courts for leisure activities.


How to Apply

Send us your application today and step into a rewarding career journey with us.

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